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What is meant by Weekly Hotels or Extended Stay?

Choose from 40,000+ available options all across the United States.

Weekly Hotels or Extended Stay Hotels have rooms that are well equipped with in-room kitchenettes or kitchens. With flexible area, spacious living & discounted weekly rates you save around 30% or more on your each stay.

Travelling for leisure, business, bleisure, even a staycation with family or friends; extended stay hotels offer more for your money. The extended stay hotels listed over here come with in-room kitchenettes, affordable weekly hotel rates with facility, spacious living which helps you to feel like home and act like you are home, flexible area for you to use the place to your liking, a wide range of value added amenities and many other benefits for an extended stay in a hotel that helps you to stay healthy.

The best part of is you can compare best rates, preferred location from different branded extended stay hotels all with a single click “search” and book with 3 more clicks, all done in just 4 clicks. We thrive to give you the option to search and compare all different types of hotel accommodations: extended stay, branded, unbranded, independent, boutique and resorts with best rates provided from our partner hotels. You have an opportunity to choose your ideal hotel across the United States from more than 40,000 options. So what are you waiting for? Start the search for the best weekly hotel for your next extended stay now!

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