Live Like Home

Feeling tired of being a nomad, you constantly feel out of place when staying in hotels; we help you bring the feeling of homely back. Being able to compare amenities of a hotel that bring the personal touch is how we create memories of your stay. Take the cost effective and stress-free approach of finding weekly rates at extended stay hotels/weekly hotels.

The extended stay hotels offer better amenities and facilities than temporary rentals or apartments at much lower prices

Are you a road warrior? Let us make your booking process seamless. Control your lifestyle, be health conscious with added benefits of weekly hotel rates. Features included in weekly hotels or extended stay hotels are fully furnished living space, equipped with kitchenettes. Learn to cook, cook something you love. Just bring your passion, and we provide the rest(utensils, plates, pots and pans, stove, microwave and refrigerator). Make the room belong to you and live the lifestyle while saving money.

Rates & Availability

After you have entered your stay preferences for your accommodations in the weekly hotels, we will present the best options that match your requirement.

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Once you have decided to book our weekly hotels, you are required to provide the necessary information for booking.

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